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Stacked Books and Open Workshop -Saturday, October 2 2020

A 3-Hour Workshop where you can choose from any of the following projects!


Build Your Project

  • Customized Sign or Project
    Monogram $55.00
    Tray $55.00
    Welcome Sign $60.00
    Blanket Ladder $55.00
    Family Rules $65.00
    Clock $80.00
    Trust Me, You Can Dance $55.00
    Making Pour Decisions $55.00
    Home Framed $65.00
    It's So Good To Be Home $55.00
    Home Sweet Home $55.00
    Always Stay Humble and Kind $55.00
    Comfort, Happy Home $55.00
    This Is Us $55.00
    A Woman With Sons $55.00
    Together Is My Favorite Place To Be $55.00
    Love You More $55.00
    Isn't She Lovely $55.00
    Monogram With Flower Wreath $55.00
    Round Sign Customized $55.00
    Family-Grateful, Thankful, Blessed $55.00
    Welcome Sign With Address and Wreath $55.00
    In This House We Do $55.00
    Destinations $65.00
    Simply $60.00
    A Perfect Marriage $55.00
    Always Kiss Me Goodnight $55.00
    Welcome To Our Beautiful Mess $60.00
    Every Love Story $60.00
    It's All In God's Timing $55.00
    Welcome To Our Home Coat Rack $60.00
    Scripted Monogram ~ Our Life, Our Story, Our Home $55.00
    Be Kind $60.00
    Flags $95.00
    Bethlehem Star $55.00
    Noodle Board $60.00
    Whisper I Love You to a Butterfly $60.00
    Lets Get Cozy $60.00
    Comb Your Hair, Brush Your Teeth $55.00
    Outdoor Game $60.00
    Family Name $65.00
    Come as Strangers, Leave as Friends $55.00
    Kneel $55.00
    Meals and Memories $60.00
    Welcome to our Kitchen Menu $60.00
    Bless the Food Before Us $55.00
    Personalized Kitchen - Seasoned with Love $55.00
    In This Kitchen We Dance $55.00
    Splish Splash $60.00
    Relax, Soak, Wash $55.00
    Fresh Soap $55.00
    Bath Time $55.00
    Bathroom Rules $55.00
    Customizable Bathroom Signs $55.00
    Laundry Sort & Wash $60.00
    Laundry Room Loads of Fun with Mason Jar $55.00
    Laundry Co $55.00
    You Keep Me Safe $60.00
    Welcome to Our Fire Pit $55.00
    At the Pool $55.00
    Patios are Made for - with Bottle Opener $55.00
    Backyard Paradise $55.00
    Beach Towel Holder with Hooks - Customizable $65.00
    Oh My Stars and Stripes $55.00
    Land of the Free Because of the Brave $55.00
    Veteran Flag Customized $65.00
    High School Pride Sign $55.00
    Wet Noses $55.00
    Dogs Speak $55.00
    A House is Not a Home without Paw Prints $55.00
    Family..A Little Bit $65.00
    Welcome to...Where Hearts & Doors are Always Open $55.00
    Our Last Names $55.00
    I Wish I Met You Sooner $65.00
    Every Family has a Story $55.00
    Pub Sign Personalized $55.00
    Baseball $55.00
    A Coach will Impact $55.00
    Classroom Rules $55.00
    Classroom Pencil $55.00
    Customized Mother/Grandmother Sign $55.00
    All You Need is Love and Nanny $55.00
    Grandkids Fill a Hole in Your Heart $55.00
    Greatest Blessings $55.00
    You are Loved Beyond Measure $60.00
    All Fall Designs
    Valentine's Day Designs
    All Christmas Designs
    All Halloween Designs
    Cigar Lounge $60.00
    Love, Beer $65.00
    The Powerhouse $55.00
    Racing Happiness $55.00
    Ace of Spades $55.00
    Man Cave -Personalized $55.00
    Customizable Football $55.00
    Welcome Planter $65.00
    Welcome to Our Porch $55.00
    Teacher...Class of $55.00
    Fire Pit...Music, Memories, and Marshmallows $55.00
    Hello Summer Door Hanger $55.00
    Military Flag $55.00
    Backyard Bar and Grill $55.00
    Very Thankful~Incredibly Grateful~Unbelievably Blessed $55.00
    Thankful $55.00
    Door Hanger - Welcome with Thick Block $55.00
    In All Things Give Thanks $55.00
    They Built A Life They Love $60.00
    Mandala $55.00
    Life Begins After Coffee $55.00
    Our Favorite Story Ever Told $55.00
    Home Memories and Laughter $65.00
    Fall-Winter Reversible Porch Sign $65.00
    Door Hanger - Hello Monogramed $55.00
    Home Welcome Sign $60.00
  • with Family Name
    with 2 - 4 First Names
    with 5 or more First Names
  • Welcome
    Welcome to Our Home
    Welcome to Our Home with Branches
    Personalized with branches
    Welcome with Flower
    Welcome with Daisies
    Happy Spring
    Old Glory
  • Small Monogram
    Circle Monogram
    Large Monogram
    Large Monogram with Established Date
    Initial with Wheat Branches
    Family Name with Wheat Branches
    Scripted Monogram
    Initial with Laurel Leaves
    Circle Tray- Monogram
    Celtic Knot Tray with Cead Mile Failte
    Celtic Knot Tray
  • This is Us
    This Is Us, Our Love.Our Family.Our Life Add Additional $5.00
    This Is Us - Our Love, Our Family, Our Life Personalized Add Additional $5.00
  • Monogram
    Script Monogram with Established Date
    Monogram with Established Date
    Customized Sports Clock
  • American Flag
    American Flag Personalized
    Thin Blue Line Flag - Stained and Burned
    Thin Blue Line Flag - Painted
    Thin Red Line Flag
    American Flag - Customized
  • Home Sweet Home with Personalization
    Home Sweet Home
  • Customized Medium Round
    Customized Large Round Add Additional $5.00
  • Always Kiss Me Goodnight 8x48
    Always Kiss Me Goodnight 12x60 Framed Add Additional $10.00
  • Bethlehem Star
    Bethlehem Star Steel City
    Bethlehem Star with Landmarks
  • Noodle Board - Initial with Seasoned with Love
    Noodle Board - Happiness is Homemade
    Noodle Board - Mangia, Mangia
    Noodle Board - Customized
  • Checkers
    Tic Tac Toe
  • Freedom Patriots
    Liberty Hurricanes
    Customize Your Favorite School
  • Gather $60.00
    Happy Fall $60.00
    Happy Fall Y'all $60.00
    Welcome with Pumpkin $60.00
    Home Turf $60.00
    Hello Fall $55.00
    Faith, Family, Friends and Family $55.00
    Leaves are falling $55.00
    Pumpkin Patch $55.00
    Hay Rides~Pumpkins~Apple Cider $55.00
  • Tray- Believe with Snowflake $60.00
    Merry Christmas $55.00
    Merry Christmas with Trees $55.00
    Merry Christmas with Truck $55.00
    Merry Christmas with Holly $55.00
    Eat, Drink and Be Merry $55.00
    Believe with Santa Hat $60.00
    Twas the Night Before Christmas $55.00
    Welcome with Snowflake $60.00
    And the Stockings were Hung $55.00
    Letter to Santa $55.00
    Snowflake Family Tray $55.00
    Cookies for Santa Tray $55.00
    Farm Fresh Christmas Trees $55.00
    Reindeer Names $55.00
    And to all a Goodnight $55.00
    Ho Ho Ho $55.00
    Happy Hanukkah $55.00
    JOY $55.00
    Star of David $55.00
    Let it Snow $60.00
    Welcome with a Truck $60.00
    Be Merry with a Truck $60.00
    Meet me Under the Mistletoe $55.00
    A Lot Like Christmas $60.00
    Jolliest Bunch $55.00
    Merry and Bright with Christmas Lights $60.00
    Merry Christmas Door Hanger $55.00
    Merry Little Christmas $60.00
    Winter Wonderland Door Hanger $55.00
    Merry GRINCHmas $60.00
    Christmas Perhaps Means a Little More $60.00
  • Love You More $55.00
    Love, Love, Love, Crazy Love $55.00
  • Its Just a Bunch of Hocus Pocus $55.00
    Happy Halloween $55.00
    Welcome to our Resting Place $55.00
    Trick or Treat $55.00
    Halloween Rules (Customized) $70.00
    Welcome Jack Skellington $60.00
    Happy Halloween with Personalization $55.00
  • Personalized Kitchen - Seasoned with Love
  • Bathroom Rules
  • Customizable Bathroom Signs
  • Beach Towel Holder with Hooks - Customizable
  • Veteran Flag
  • Welcome to...Where Hearts & Doors are Always Open
  • Pub Sign Personalized
  • Backyard Bar and Grill
  • Welcome to Our Home Coat Rack
  • Fire Pit...Music, Memories, and Marshmallows
  • Military Flag
  • Welcome Planter
  • Family Name
  • Teacher...Class of
  • Comfort, Happy Home
  • Max file size: 15 MBPermitted file types: jpg jpeg jpe png gif

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